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 [Guide] The Basics of dancing

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PostSubject: [Guide] The Basics of dancing    Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:15 pm

The Use of Items and Pots to get STARTED
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TIPS Training your Stats
Why even bother training your stats?

VITALITY - increases your maximum HP
POWER - increases the chance of executing a stunt without any loss to your HP
MUSICALITY - possibility of doubling stamina while dancing reggae and hip-hop (same as power - reggae and hiphop moves only)*
AGILITY - possibility of doubling stamina while dancing popping and locking (same as power - popping and locking moves only)*

These stats will greatly help you when you're in dance mode because you can do stunts (especially the high leveled ones) more.

Training Vita and Power

The Stop Dance

Have you ever wondered why some people stop dancing even when the song hasn't ended yet?

The reason why we end the dance after a successful series of stunts is so we can do another series of them. The aim is to do as many stunts as possible in a song. If you don't stop the dance, you have to dance all the way through to regain your HP (assuming that you've already used your satay). If you stop the dance, you can refill your HP bar by using walk in the clouds, start the dance again and use flower power next. In just 4 hits (assuming that all of those are perfect), you can start doing stunts again.

When to train

Anytime. But if you're really on the run, do it also on the double attributes event (weekends at 11pm - 12am) so you can save up time training.

Where to train

Unless you're a monster player, just stay at the 81-105 halls. Dancing at these halls will decrease your chances of missing during stunts.

Finishing your stunts successfully is important because there's an extra bonus on the vitality EXP.

Power = number of stunts
Vitality = successful stunt

How to TRAIN

Preferred setting during dance mode: Easy - 4keys - Song
Setback: You won't earn much score during training.

To summarize, training is like this:

1. Use walk in the clouds/blood of the t-rex (refills your HP when you're NOT dancing).
2. Start dance.
3. Use flower power/joy bomb/midnight powder (refills your excitation).
4. Start doing stunts when you reach the Lvl 5 keys.
5. When your HP is almost gone, use satay/dino egg (refills your HP when you're dancing).
6. Stop dance when you're done with your series of stunts.
7. Repeat steps 1-6.

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Stunts to use

It's best to use stunts which subtract only 30HP on your life like the following:

1. Super 6 steps variation 2
2. Wave Gliding
3. Knee Spin
4. Twelve Steps (35 HP stunt - this actually depends on the total HP left after the 30HP series)
5. Pole Stunt (-10 and -20 HP its the latest and newest stunt best used )

Cool down time

You don't need to wait for your HP to reach 0 to use the satay. It's actually best to use it before, so you can start the cool-down time of the item asap.

Total HP = 255
Satay HP = 140
Use satay at this HP = 105 (after 5 stunts at 30 HP)

How do I train my stats with only minimal base level EXP?

Use only 4 keys and don't perfect your hits. Instead, aim for the good and bad ratings. That way, your base level EXP will be lower hence you can raise more power for each level. One way also is to do group dance while training. You won't gain EXP but your stats will increase.

Training Musicality and Agility

Where to dance

Dance halls are assigned as Musicality and/or Agility halls.
You just go to these halls and try to get high scores without using stunts.

Preferred setting during dance mode: Common - 8keys - Song

That's it! Be patient and be ready to devote lots of time for training. After some time, you'll notice the effects of the stats and you'll feel glad that you trained.

Have fun dancing~!
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This guide is also available at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Topic: Player Guide
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] The Basics of dancing    Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:31 pm

Such a nice tuts.

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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] The Basics of dancing    Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:05 am

Well done Scar Puppyeyes thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] The Basics of dancing    

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[Guide] The Basics of dancing
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