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 [Guide] How to train stats.

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PostSubject: [Guide] How to train stats.   Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:07 pm

Do you know the function of Character Attributes?

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Have you noticed that there are 4 character attributes on NameCard?

This is a feature of ShowUp that different from other similar games: Character Attribute Function.

Dance Style of ShowUp : (Hip-Hop) (Reggae) (Locking) (Popin)

Character attribute is closely related to game dance style mentioned above

Character attributes of ShowUp include: Vitality, Power, Sense of Music, Agility

Here Are They:

Vitality: Physique status of the character. It can improve Max. Energy of the Character
Vitality increasing: Increasing speed is up to Vitality Consuming ratio.
6 step variation with 30 vitality consumption + Giant swing = Max. Vitality consuming which will lead to increase of both Vitality and Power

Power: indicate muscle strength of the character. Character enjoys a certain probability of using skills without consuming Vitality.
Power increasing: Increasing speed is up to the frequency of skills using
Players who give priority to Power shall try best to use skills of less power-consuming.

Sense of Music: Indicate the character’s music sense control ability. Players may get double Vitality increase while dancing in Hip-hop and Reggae
Increase of Music Sense: Play the game in Hip-hop AND Reggae sceneries
Reggae: [Paramount],[ Heart of Aquatic]
Hip-hop: [East Dance Beach],[Abysm]

Agility: Indicate flexibility of the character. Players may get double Vitality increase while dancing in locking and Electric Boogaloo   

Agility Increase: Play the game in locking and Electric Boogaloo sceneries
Electric Boogaloo : [Hot Sand Passenger],[Subway]
Locking : [Pauper Roof],[ Wild Oil Station]

Please choose the dance place according to their music sense and agility style
What is more, there are also lots of special theme dance place featuring exotic atmosphere and music

Dance according to the type of music to increase the corresponding attribute.

This guide is also available on the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] How to train stats.   Fri Aug 06, 2010 1:47 am

Goodwork Laura Nosebleed

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[Guide] How to train stats.
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